April 12, 2010

April 12th 2010 – Unique Broadband Systems Ltd (UBS) announces New Adaptive Precorrection technology, now available

UBS presents the following amazing new products:

  • Built in and OEM Adaptive Precorrection products
  • OEM modulator with improved shoulders and MER
  • SFN Adapters based on the award winning Universal Platform
  • IP to ASI to IP Converter

Drop by our NAB2010 Booth (SU5309) and see these amazing new technological marvels

Unique Broadband Systems will be showcasing our technological achievements in the field of terrestrial and satellite digital broadcasting equipment.

Our award winning universal modulator platform is now equipped with new onboard adaptive precorrection technology, which enables it to compensate for any non linearity at the high power amplifier stage of a transmitter.

This new adaptive precorrector is able to provide real time monitoring and analysis of the following measured parameters: Constellation plot, MER performance, eye diagrams, and spectral shoulders, signal performance before and after precorrection as well as group delay of the channel filter.

The adaptive precorrector is also available as an external unit designed to support UBS customers with already installed modulators. The stand alone adaptive precorrector easily connects to an existing, already installed, modulator to provide adaptive precorrection capabilities.

We have also made considerable improvements to our modulator’s MER and shoulder performance. With shoulder performance of better than -59dB and MER no greater than -53dB, stop by and see how the UBS modulator can improve your network performance.

The UBS modulator now supports a GbE Transport Stream (Input based on Pro-MPEG Forum CoP #3) in a addition to its regular ASI MPEG-2 TS. This adds flexibility to your network in choosing how the transport stream is delivered over your network.

Our OEM module is the only one on the market that supports multiple wave forms without having to change any hardware, while providing a wide range of RF output from 50MHz to 1.5GHz using our innovative up-conversion technology.

While at our booth, see our new line of multi-channel IP to ASI and ASI to IP converters. This small OEM unit can easily fit into your existing equipment or be used simply to provide an IP stream to equipment lacking that capability.

Please visit our website, www.uniquesys.com, call 1-877-669-8533 and ask for sales or e-mail us at sales@uniquesys.com to learn more!