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Product Features

  • Solid State linear design
  • Excellent output VSWR protection
  • Local & Remote Gain Adjustment
  • Temperature Gain Compensation
  • Sample monitoring port
  • Phase combined output
  • Integrated L-Band to C-Band up converter
  • Status LED


Product Description

Unique Broadband Systems’ is happy to offer you our newest C-band product line of Solid State Block Up Converter (SSPB) built using GaAs technology with power levels ranging from 25 to 50W. This ultra compact amplifier includes a forced air cooling system and a built-in system controller, which provides you with an ability of serial interfacing using RS 485 and TCP/IP for remote monitoring and control.

An internal voltage variable attenuator allows 20 dB of continuous gain adjustment. A digital temperature compensation system regulates the RF signal level within a +/-1.0 dB window over the entire operating temperature range. Every GaAs output transistor is fully protected against potentially harmful reflected power due to antenna mismatches.

This BUC is designed for rack mounting in protected environment. Excellent performance, high efficiency and long term MTBF are achieved through using superior mechanical and thermal designs. Our matured manufacturing process ensures the highest quality of all physical components and optimized performance to meet the most rigorous industry standards and clients’ demands. At the same time, our ISO 9001 Quality assurance program leads to the superior performance and reliability in the long-run.

Frequency Band

C Band

Frequency Range



25W, 50W

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