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Product Features


DVB – S  Modulator

DVB – S2 Modulator

DVB- S2X Modulator

  • DVB-S2X compliant with EN 302 307-2; DVB-S2 compliant with EN 302 307-1; DVB-S compliant with EN 300 421
  • 50 MHz to 180 MHz IF output or 950 MHz to 2150 MHz, L-Band output, in 0.1 Hz steps
  • Symbol rate from 32 kbaud up to 53 Mbaud, in 1 baud steps
  • Multistream mode
  • Supports CCM,  VCM and ACM modes
  • Carrier Identification System (DVB-CID) support compliant with ETSI 103 129
  • IGbE transport stream input based on SMPTE 2022-1/2
  • Interfaces for Web GUI, SNMP  and Telnet remote control, machine to machine interface and software upgrades

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