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Product Features

  • Supports up to 2, direct conversion, S-band RF receive channels
  • Data path consists of a Demodulator, LPF, ADC and digital filters
  • Flexible Interfaces for Web GUI, SNMP and Telnet remote control, machine to machine interface and software upgrades
  • MRC and Code Combining Feature (optional)
  • Low Latency Feature (optional)
  • Internal temperature monitoring and built in over temperature protection

Standards Supported

  • EN 302 583, TS 102 584


Product Description

The UBS DVB-SH S-band professional receiver was developed based
on the innovative UBS hardware platform, and supports all the latest
features of the DVB-SH Standard.
Together with UBS’ DVB-SH modulator and DVB-SH encapsulator,
the receiver provides a complete line of equipment, necessary for
DVB-SH hybrid digital broadcasting system, consisting of a Satellite
Component (SC) and a Complementary Ground Component (CGC).
The DVB-SH hybrid system architecture offers several advantages:

-Large territorial coverage by virtue of the SC.

-Increased Quality of Service for urban areas through the combination
of CGC and SC.

The DVB-SH receiver can be factory configured with the necessary
hardware and software options.

A base level receiver contains one TDM and one OFDM demodulator.
The receiver supports Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC) and Code combingin modes between TDM and OFDM demodulators.

The receiver is software configurable between Class 1 and Class 2
type of receivers.

The receiver is implemented as an embedded module with a heat
sink and contains an internal temperature monitoring function and
over-temperature protection.
An advanced level receiver could contain more then one TDM/OFDM
demodulator, support extended frequency range, bandwidth, FFT
size, input bitrate, etc. (subject to fpga hardware limitation, populated
on the digital

Additional optional features include Low Latency, MRC and Code
Combining feature between TDM/TDM channels (when OFDM demodulator is replaced by second TDM demodulator), as well as an
extended operation temperature range.




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