Outdoor MMDS Transmitter, 50W-100W

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Product Features

  • Weatherproof outdoor thermostatically controlled design
  • Full 2500 MHz to 2700 MHz capability
  • Automatic output level control
  • 222 MHz to 422 MHz IF input
  • Local or optional remote monitoring and control
  • Compatible with all current analog and digital modulation schemes
  • Optional transmitter redundancy configurations

Product Description

The outdoor 50 Watt and 100 Watt MMDS repeaters are intended for use in Multi-Channel Multi-Point Distribution System (MMDS). They are capable of transmitting between one and thirty-one 6 MHz analog or digital channels in the 2.5 GHz to 2.7GHz frequency range.

These broadband transmitters can provide cost-effective, omni-directional or sectorized coverage for small to medium size markets. The transmitters are compatible with all current modulation schemes and are transparent to all popular encoding systems. The transmitted signals can be received using standard customer premises downconverter and decoding equipment.

The transmitters feature RF muting when the input IF signal is below the preset threshold. Thermal shutdown and overpower shutdown are automatic protection features incorporated in the Transmitter. The transmitter parameters can be controlled directly or remotely through an external monitoring unit.

The transmitter is housed in a corrosion resistant, weatherproof NEMA style cabinet for outdoor pole mounting and it is designed with maximum reliability and versatility in mind. The hinged front panel provides easy access to internally mounted components for control and maintenance.

The temperature inside the enclosure is thermostatically controlled.

The outdoor MMDS transmitters are available in two AC power options:
220V – 50 Hz and 115V – 60 Hz. Extended bandwidth and alternate frequency configurations are available. UBS can also supply monitoring software, control software, and hardware packages, all customized to meet specific requirements.


Frequency Range



100W, 50W

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