• RF ablation Amplifier

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Product Specifications


  • Operating Frequency
  • Power Amplifier Type
  • CW Power
  • Input Power
  • Gain Flatness
  • Harmonics: Odd
  • Harmonics: Even
  • Spurious
  • Input/Output Impedance
  • Blanked Output Noise
  • Input VSWR
  • Cooling
  • 500KHz
  •  250 Watt (200W, P1dB)
  • 0dBm (1mWatt)
  • +/- 1.5 dB
  • -20dBc; -10dBc Max
  • -30dBc; -20dBc Max
  • -60dBc Max
  • 50 Ohm
  • <10dB above thermal
  • < 3:1
  • Forced Air

Description and Application

Unique Broadband Systems, UBS, is a Toronto, Canada based multinational company specializing in the R&D, design and manufacture of Radio Frequency, RF, amplifiers, components and complete digital, wireless satellite transmission systems for audio and video broadcasting. UBS has global installations with all of the major TV and Radio broadcasters and a reputation for exceptional design and manufacturing capabilities.

With over 25 years of experience in the communications market, UBS, also has a full suite of RF amplifier products especially for scientific and medical applications. To meet the continually growing global demand for ever more sophisticated health care products and instrumentation for scientific research, UBS has a dedicated line of RF and Microwave, MW, amplifiers and components for RF/MW Surgical Ablation, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

The UBS RFA500KH250W is specially designed for Radio Frequency Ablation, RFA, minimally invasive surgery. Its 250 Watts of continuous wave power at 500 kHz frequency, is more than adequate for this application. Alternating high frequency RF electrical current causes ionic agitation within living tissue. This results in localized heating only within the tissue surrounding the RF probe, and eventual controlled cell death in that vicinity. RFA surgery is ideally suited for the ablation of certain, smaller cancerous tumors. It is also used, among other surgical procedures, in the treatment of various types of heart arrhythmias, where it can destroy tissue within the heart associated with abnormal electrical pathways.

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