ATSC VHF 12kW Transmitter

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Product Features

  • Solid state design using LDMOS devices
  • Scalable configuration provides up to 12kW of digital average output power
  • ASI or GbE Transport Stream Input
  • ALC circuit with 1% accuracy
  • Digital Adaptive Linear and Non-Linear Pre-correction
  • Built-in self-protection circuits
  • Integrated modular AC/DC power supply
  • Forced air cooled with integrated blowers
  • Touch screen display for real time user interface
  • Remote monitoring and control via Web GUI and SNMP
  • Dual redundant ATSC modulators(optional)
  • Internal GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou Receiver(optional)
  • ATSC compliant with A/53 and A/110; ATSC 3.0 upgradable

Transmitter Overview


Our family of VHF band solid-state transmitters are built using LDMOS transistor technology. The scalable systems offer up to 12 kW of average power and are designed for digital terrestrial television broadcasting over a VHF frequency range of 174 MHz to 216 MHz.

The modular design includes an ATSC modulator, pre-driver, air cooled HPA modules, passive combining system and system controller. A power supply sub-system with PDU and hot-swappable AC/DC power supplies is also included. The scalable systems can be customized to operate with 4, 8, 12 or 16 HPA modules, and can be updated in the field as output power requirements change.

The systems also feature a number of monitoring and self protection circuits including input overdrive, forward power, reflected power and over temperature. The system controller provides a user friendly interface for monitoring and control of the complete system as well as the individual HPA modules. A front panel display provides the user with local monitoring and control, while Ethernet and RS485 interfaces provide the user with local/remote monitoring and control via PC GUI, Web GUI and optional SNMP.

All of the transmitter’s components are enclosed in standard indoor 19” rack mount cabinets.