Broadband Wilkinson Combiner/Divider 6/8 Way

Broadband Wilkinson Combiner/Divider 6/8 Way


UBS offers a unique solution to broadband power combining and division with an innovative line of 2-way through 8-way Wilkinson combiners/dividers. A well-known advantage of Wilkinson dividers lies in providing an improved input and outĀ­put VSWR performance and superior isolation between the collecting ports. An outstanding feature of our design is that it is optimized for broadband operation overall wireless band frequencies from 500 MHz to 3000 MHz. This has been achieved by invoking a multi-section stripline construction together with a judicious electromagnetic optimization with the help of the state-of-the-art 3D modelling software. Other distinctive features include excellent amplitude and phase balance, low insertion loss, and power handling capability of up to 20 Watts at the common port.

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