Combline Bandpass Cavity Filter

Product Features

  • Direct-coupled resonator design
  • Very good rejection and spurious characteristics
  • Low pass band insertion loss
  • Lightweight, compact and economical
  • Robust construction


UBS Combline filter designs incorporate high “Q” structures
enabling the realization of high skirt selectivity and very low
pass-band insertion loss. This makes them ideally suited for
critical receiver front-end or transmitter applications. Increased
selectivity is accomplished by the addition of more resonators
to the design.

The filter housing is generally made from lightweight aluminium
and maybe silver-plated for improved electrical characteristics. Temperature related frequency shifting is minimized
through the use of proprietary design techniques and strict
process control.

UBS Combline filters are available from 2 to 14 resonator sections with bandwidths up to 30% and operating frequencies
from 1GHz to 18 GHz. Please consult our sales department for
further details.

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