DVB-SH Transmitter 200W

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Product Features

  • Compact, self-contained 200W Transmitter
  • Light weight cabinet
  • Forced air cooling system
  • Modular construction for easy maintenance
  • Exciter with DVB-SH Modulator/Controller, Upconverter, GPS Receiver and Bandpass Filter
  • High Performance LDMOS Power Amplifier
  • Output Bandpass Filter
  • Output Coupler with RF Detectors
  • RF overdrive, high VSWR and over-temperature protection
  • Linear and Non-linear Digital Pre-correction
  • Remote control and self monitoring via Web GUI
  • SNMP for network management

Transmitter Overview

The DVB-SH 200W transmitter is a fusion of proven principles and solutions, combined with recent advancements in thermal management
and digital signal processing technology.

The implementation of innovative concepts, in conjunction with our extensive knowledge and experience in the design and development of Transmitter equipment has allowed us to create a new generation of  Terrestrial Transmitters, which are more efficient and reliable, while supporting all the features required in functionality and serviceability.

The DVB-SH Transmitter is a compact, indoor cabinet that comes equipped with an Exciter, HPA, Bandpass Filter, Coupler and RF Detectors.

The DVB-SH Exciter receives an input signal on the ASI input or Ethernet
and performs digital, analog and RF signal processing. The output waveform
generated by the Exciter drives  the High Power amplifier at the required
frequency and appropriate amplitude level. The Exciter includes Modulator/Controller, Upconverter, GPS receiver and Band Pass Filter. Wireless Broadband and Broadcasting Solutions DVB-SH 200W Transmitter The Modulator/Controller supports the transmitter operation, configuration, management and status reporting.
Power up, power down and RF control processes are all managed and control commands for status requests and operating parameters are
received and processed.

The DVB-SH 200W Repeater is a fusion of proven principles and solutions,
combined with recent advancements in thermal management and
digital signal processing technology.

Transmitter identity (name, password, local IP address, SNMP, etc.) can
be configured remotely or locally. Remote upgrade of the Transmitter
software is also possible.

The GPS Receiver, located in the exciter chassis, supplies 10 MHz and
1PPS reference signals for synchronization purposes.

Frequency Range