Gap Filler - WCS-Band

Product Features


  • Frequency Range: 2305 MHz – 2365 MHz
  • Available Output Power: 2 Watt, 4 Watts and 10 Watts RMS

Description and Application

The innovative WCS Gap Filler (On Channel Repeater) is the latest in the new product range being released by UBS to serve the WCS-Band transmission market.  This outdoor unit is completely self contained and only requires connections to receive and transmit antennas as well as the main power supply.

The primary application of the WCS Gap Filler is the propagation of a seamless WCS-Band COFDM signal, where geographical and physical impediments have affected network coverage, creating poor or non-existent signal reception (“gaps”).  The Gap Filler is engineered to eliminate network coverage deficiencies by delivering the expected quality of signal to WCS-Band COFDM receivers.  Whether the unit is employed to increase coverage in an urban environment or provide coverage in a geographically challenged area, its performance is truly stunning.

WCS-Band COFDM signals received by this wide bandwidth unit are filtered and amplified to an output power level of 2 Watt, 4 Watts or 10 Watts RMS with minimal distortion.  This is achieved by using an LDMOS transistor operating in Class A/B mode.  The output power is monitored closely and is maintained at the set level, as long as the received signal is within the specified range.

The WCS Gap Filler comes pre-configured and should require no further adjustment for most installations.  Via the RS232 serial port, the user can monitor the output power, internal temperature, received and transmitted signal levels and gain control values through a GUI application installed on a PC or laptop computer.

At it is designed for outdoor, unattended operation, the unit is easily installed in a variety of locations (e.g. roof tops, utility poles, etc.), keeping the cost of ownership to an absolute minimum.  The Gap Filler enclosure is constructed out of high quality aluminum casing, providing reliable operation within a temperature range of -20°C to +55°C and relative humidity up to 100%.

As our world becomes more mobile, additional services come on line and greater coverage is required.  This product will allow you to serve your customers in the most cost effective manner, while keeping your capital costs to a minimum, therefore offering the best possible opportunity for strong revenue growth.

Optional Remote Control
The WCS Gap Filler includes an optional SNMP remote control feature, supported by an additional integrated processor and a GPRS/GSM cellular modem.  This version includes battery back-up for the processor and modem.

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