GPS Receiver

Product Features


  • Up to eight 10 MHz Outputs
  • Up to eight 1pps Outputs
  • Optional RS232 TOD output for CMMB applications
  • High performance design, utilizing an ovenized quartz oscillator
  • Serial port for local console interface
  • PC GUI control software available for GPR2100GL, GPR2110GL and GPR2120GL
  • WEB GUI and SNMP control over Ethernet for GPR1100GL



Description and Application


Based on a GPS receiver module, the UBS GPS receiver is a compact, cost effective, GPS locked timing reference. Designed for applications where 10MHz/1pps clock sources are required to synchronize multiple transmission devices, this module provides an accurate high quality signal set. Multiple outputs enable all base station/site equipment to share a single accurate and stable reference source. Optionally, UBS GPS receivers provide TOD information via a serial RS232 port, compliant with CMMB standard requirements.

UBS GPS receivers are available in three basic models: OEM board (GPR2100 and 2110), enclosed OEM board (GPR2120) and 1U unit (GPR1100), equipped with LCD   display, keypad and Ethernet connection.  The GPS receiver unit includes a GPS receiver, as well as a 10 MHz and 1pps distribution system. GPR1100 also includes a controller module, supporting WEB GUI and SNMP interfaces over an Ethernet connection.