Ka-Band 525W TWTA System

Product Features


  • Redundant 525 Watt Ka-band TWT power amplifier system
  • Fully protected against input overdrive, temperature and output load VSWR conditions
  • Remote control and self-monitoring via RS485 interface
  • HPA GUI provides easy navigation and control
  • Exceptional operational life expectancy

Product Description

The low power, Ka-Band, amplifier system provides up to 525 Watts (57.2 dBm) of RF power over an operating frequency range of 27500 MHz to 31000 MHz.  Two amplifier modules provide a fully redundant RF output.

The modular design includes an input signal distribution system, output power switch and amplifier chassis to house two amplifier modules.

The Ka-Band amplifier module is built as a self-contained unit, based on a travelling wave tube (TWT) design.  Each module contains an integrated air cooling system.  Two amplifier modules are placed in a single amplifier chassis to provide an output power level up to 525 Watts (57.2 dBm) with full redundancy.

This amplifier system includes a System Controller which is responsible for configuration and management of the entire amplifier system and its modules. The System Controller also provides user interfaces for local and remote control.

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