L-Band DAB Transmitter 400 Watt

Transmitter Includes

  • Universal Modulator with DAB waveform and integrated GPS receiver
  • 400W LDMOS Power Amplifier
  • Bandpass Filter

Product Description

The DAB TX 4000LU from UBS is a modular, solid-state transmitter system designed to meet present and future market demands. The modular transmitter configuration enables UBS to meet all DAB system requirements with future upgrade capabilities. System trouble shooting and module replacement is straightforward as interconnects are readily accessible.

The DAB TX 4000LU contains the following building blocks: The Universal Modulator performs input signal processing, generates the DAB L-Band RF output waveform and provides complete transmitter monitoring and control. The High Power Amplifier (HPA) amplifies the signal received from the modulator to an output level of 400 Watts RMS.

The HPA architecture is based on a solid state design operating in Class A/AB linear mode. The amplifier is fully protected against input overdrive, overheating and output load VSWR conditions.  The protection circuits are all self correction, allowing the amplifier to be restored to its normal operating state upon removal of the fault condition.

The Bandpass Filter is designed specifically for each L-band RF channel and rejects out-off-band spectrum components.  The filter is installed at the output of the high power amplifier.

Frequency Band
Frequency Range