L/S-Band 300W Power Amplifier

Product Features

  • L/S-band amplifier module built using GaN transistor technology
  • 1500 to 3000 MHz frequency band
  • Fully protected against input overdrive, temperature and output load VSWR conditions
  • Signal pre-corrector provides improved 3rd order inter¬≠modulation
  • Remote control and self-monitoring via RS485 interface
  • Liquid-cooled (air-cooled option available upon request)
  • Exceptional operational life expectancy

Product Description

The L/S-Band amplifier module is built using a gallium-nitride (GaN) transistor technology. Two amplifier pallets are placed on a single cold plate heat sink board and are combined to provide an output power level up to 54.77 dBm (300 Watts CW). The amplifier includes a microcontroller, controlled phase shifter and attenuator which allows for easy output power combining with other amplifier modules in a transmitter configuration. The amplifier also includes a pre-corrector, which can improve the Third Order Intermodulation (IMD3) to -33 dBc. Liquid cooling enables stable and reliable operation over a wide range of outside air temperatures.

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