OEM Universal Modulator (Advanced) DVB-S/S2/S2X ~ DVB-T2 ~ ISDB-T/Tb

Product Features


  • Direct RF output from 470 MHz to 860 MHz in 0.1 Hz steps (30 MHz to 1 GHz optional)
  • Superior Shoulders and MER
  • SFN and MFN Support
  • Digital Adaptive  Linear and Non-Linear Pre-correction
  • GbE Transport  Stream  Input based  on Pro-MPEG Forum CoP #3 / SMPTE 2022
  • Interfaces  for  Web  GUI,  SNMP  and  Telnet  remote  control, machine to machine interface and software upgrades
  • Available in both enclosed and board version


New Features

Supports all DVB-T2-Base and DVB-T2 Lite modulation features including T2-MI interface support, single and multiple Physical Layer Pipes (PLPs), MFN/SFN operation and SISI/MISO transmission.

The modulator is equipped with an on-board  GPS/GLONASS/ BeiDou receiver which provides 10 MHz and 1PPS reference signals.

The modulator is also equipped with Digital Adaptive Linear and Non-Linear Pre-correctors.

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