Multi-Carrier RF Ablation Generator

Product Features


  • L-Band (915 MHz) or S-Band (2450 MHz) RF output
  • Provides up to 100W of power for pulsed or CW output
  • User-configurable generator or amplifier modes of operation
  • Single carrier or multi-carrier output
  • Excellent VSWR protection
  • Forced air-cooled with integrated blowers
  • Integrated AC/DC power supply
  • Local/remote monitoring and control via Ethernet and RS422/485 interfaces

Description and Application


The Microwave Ablation Generator/Amplifier (MAGA) is a multi-carrier, multi-band generator/amplifier designed for use in a microwave surgical ablation system. The MAGA is a dual-band signal generator/amplifier which provides an L-Band (915 MHz +15 MHz) or S-Band (2450 MHz +50 MHz) RF output. It utilizes highly efficient, GaN transistor technology to provide an RF output signal with a user-selectable power level from 1W to 100W, in 1W steps.

The MAGA can be configured to generate signals internally (generator mode) or it can be configured to be driven by an external signal source (amplifier mode). When operated in generator mode, the system can be configured to generate a continuous wave (CW) or pulse waveform and supports a single carrier or multi-carrier operation. The MAGA is fully protected against input and output overdrive and has a very robust VSWR protection allowing up to a 100% reflection on the output.

The control functions are performed by an embedded microprocessor, based on the iMX6 processor. The microprocessor provides overall system monitoring and control as well as all external communication interfaces. Web GUI, RS422/485 and front panel interfaces are all supported.

Unique Broadband Systems, UBS, is a Toronto, Canada based multinational company specializing in the R&D, design and manufacture of Radio Frequency, RF, amplifiers, components and complete digital, wireless satellite transmission systems for audio and video broadcasting. UBS has global installations with all of the major TV and Radio broadcasters and a reputation for exceptional design and manufacturing capabilities.

With over 25 years of experience in the communications market, UBS, also has a full suite of RF amplifier products, especially for scientific and medical applications. To meet the continually growing global demand for ever more sophisticated health care products and instrumentation for scientific research, UBS has a dedicated line of RF and Microwave, MW, amplifiers and components for RF/MW Surgical Ablation, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry (NMR) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI).

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