RF Power Amplifier for EMI Testing Applications

Product Features

• Modular, rugged construction
• 400 watts of stable power
• Broadband 0.8 to 3.0 GHz operating frequency range
• Solid state, GaAs power amplifier
• Customizable bandwidth within the L/S-Band range
• Forced air cooling with built-in fans
• Rack Mountable Desktop
• Calibration and maintenance service available within the contiguous 48 United States and Canada
• 3 Years parts & labor warranty

Description and Application

The UBS broadband power amplifier, Model Number DMPA400LS, with 400 watts of stable power and a broadband operating frequency between 0.8 and 3.0 GHz, is ideally suited for EMI testing applications.

This amplifier features high energy efficiency, outstanding
configuration flexibility, and exceptional operating reliability in a small footprint. This results in high operational efficiency and relatively low cost over the entire lifetime of the unit.

Rugged, modular design offers durability, unparalleled flexibility and scalability in an amplifier configuration, creating an overall compact space saving design, as well as allowing easy access for maintenance and service.

With over 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of communications amplifiers, our ISO 9001 certification and our military experience, UBS easily surpasses industry standards for manufacturing and testing, leading to superior product performance.

Other Features

• 100% Output Mismatch Protection
• Overcurrent, Thermal Overload Protection
• Front Panel Local User Interface Controls
• Front Panel Status Display, 200 x 48 Pixel, Monochrome
• Remote Control via Ethernet LAN
• RF Forward Sample Port Front Panel, Type N Female
• RF Reflected Sample Port Front Panel, Type N Female
• Dual Interlocks

(Specifications are subjected to change without notice)