S-Band 20W Redundant Outdoor Repeater, MMDS

Product Features

  • Weatherproof outdoor design
  • Full 2500 MHz to 2700 MHz capability
  • Automatic output level control
  • Optional bidirectional (return) mode of operation
  • Local or optional remote monitoring and control
  • Compatible with all current analog and digital modulation schemes
  • Redundant configuration


Product Description

The outdoor MMDS redundant repeaters are intended for use in Multi-Channel Multi-Point Distribution System (MMDS). They are capable of transmitting between one to thirty-one 6 MHz analog or digital channels in the 2.5 GHz to 2.7 GHz frequency range.
The repeater has a main and redundant path, each with its own power amplifier and controller. The redundant path is normally in standby and is switched on if a failure in the main path is detected.
The optional bidirectional mode of operation provides a simultaneous uplink channel path (data stream) from the end-user to the repeater. A low noise amplifier used in the input-output diplexer return path is filtered by a 24 MHz bandpass filter operating from 2.141 GHz to 2.165 GHz. UBS recommends using the outdoor redundant repeater together with the 16dB outdoor MMDS LNA.

The repeater is housed in a corrosion-resistant, weatherproof enclosure for outdoor pole mounting and it is designed with maximum reliability and versatility in mind. The hinged front panel provides easy access to internally mounted components for on-site service and upgradability. The temperature inside the enclosure is thermostatically monitored and the thermal shutdown is activated when the temperature exceeds the preset limit.

Extended bandwidth, alternate frequency and various powering configurations are available. UBS can also supply monitoring software, control software, and hardware packages, all customized to meet specific requirements.

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