S-Band 50W 4-Chanel Power Amplifier System

Product Features

  • 3.7GHz operating frequency
  • Solid state design using LDMOS devices
  • 4-channel output provides 50W continuous per channel
  • Built-in self-protection circuits
  • Integrated PLL
  • Local monitoring and control via front panel LCD and cursor/execute keys
  • Integrated AC/DC power supply
  • Forced air cooled with integrated fans

Product Description

The 4-Channel 3.7 GHz RF Source with inbuilt PLL System is a compact solid state design using the latest LDMOS transistor technology.  The highly-efficient design is optimized for radar and ground test applications. The System offers 50 Watts of CW or Pulse power per channel with maximum reliability and long service life.

The components of the System are housed in a compact ruggedized 5RU – 19” desktop rack cabinet. The cabinet design permits easy accesss to the system components. The System is designed to operate in a controlled indoor environment using forced air-cooling supplied variable-speed fans integrated into each System component.

The System components include a 4-channel RF Source with inbuilt PLL and four 50W Power Amplifiers. Each component features monitoring and self-protection circuits with alarms that include; input overdrive, forward power, reflected power and over-temperature.

The operational parameters of the Amplifiers can be monitored and controlled independently or by the RF Source when configured accordingly.  A front panel LCD display provides the user with local monitoring and control, while a RS485 interface provides the user with remote monitoring and control.

SRASYSA0050IXA4CH - S-Band 50W 4-Chanel

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