Site Controller STC-1000

Product Features

  • Remote RF site monitoring and control
  • Transport Stream Analyzer
  • RF Signal Analyzer supporting CMMB, DTMB, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2 and ISDB-T/TB waveforms
  • Analog inputs and relay contacts
  • Web and SNMP interfaces provide remote control as well as remote software upgrades

Optional Features

  • GPS/GLONASS Receiver
  • Optical Media Converter
  • Modbus to SNMP Gateway
  • Remote SNMP Polling Agent – opens communications link to network SNMP server when an event occurs
  • Command  interface  to  control  an  external  Dial-up/GSM Modem
  • Communication  with  third  party  web  camera  allows  operator to view live images and save images on alarm
  • Battery back-up
  • Hot/Standby redundancy configuration using two units

Product Description

The STC 1000 Site Controller is a feature-rich remote monitoring and control platform optimized for TV and radio broadcast sites. The unit supports multiple interfaces including Ethernet, USB, RS-232, RS-485, Optical and DVB-ASI.  Using expansion modules, additional interfaces including analog inputs and Form C relay contacts are available. Armed with multiple interfaces and numerous control features, the STC 1000 is a complete solution for remote management of broadcast sites.

Transport Stream Analyzer

The STC 1000 is equipped with two serial DVB-ASI inputs that can be used for the analysis of an ASI stream to discover its program table structure.  The  user has the ability to filter the TS PIDs as well as record (and temporarily save) TS clips to DDR memory.  This will be useful for remote verification of the signal input into a TV transmitter. Optionally, one of the Site Controller’s Ethernet ports can be dedicated as a GbE transport stream input (according to Pro-MEPG Forum CoP #3/SMPTE 2022 standards) and the transport stream recovered from the IP input can be directed to the analysis engine.

RF Signal Analyzer
The RF Signal Analyzer is a highly informative tool that can be used to evaluate the output performance of a UHF Transmitter or Repeater. The RF Signal Analyzer consists of two boards: a downconverter and a capture card.  High power amplifier and band pass filter feedback signals (between 470 MHz and 862 MHz) are downconverted to 25 MHz IF for processing in the capture card.  The capture card processes the downconverted feedback signals and communicates directly with the main system controller to display MER, PAPR and Group Delay measurements in real time. The Site Controller can be configured to send alarm based SNMP traps in the event that a measurement reaches its minimum threshold value.