UHF-Band 120W Power Amplifier

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Product Features


  • 470 MHz – 860 MHz Broadband Amplifier
  • Digital ready LDMOS PA provides 120 Watt output for broadcast of digital waveforms
  • ALC or AGC mode of operation
  • Touch screen display for real time user interface
  • Remote control and self monitoring via Ethernet and RS485 interfaces
  • Built in web server accessible through RJ45 connector with Internet Explorer
  • Integrated AC/DC power supply


Product Description


The DMPA 120UX is designed to operate as a final amplification stage for a terrestrial UHF transmitter or repeater system. It amplifies an UHF-Band input signal to a digital average output power level of 120 Watts, while maintaining its linear characteristics.

The DMPA 120UX architecture is based on a solid state design operating in Class A/AB linear mode over a frequency range of 470 MHz to 860 MHz.  The amplifier is protected against input overdrive and overheating.  The protection circuits are all self correcting, allowing the amplifier to be restored to its normal operating state upon removal of the fault condition.

The DMPA 120UX incorporates an internal automatic self leveling loop to maintain constant gain over the life of the equipment.  The automatic level control (ALC) circuit will compensate for the input signal level variations and the gain variations caused by changes in temperature as well as for the gain change due to devices aging. Depending on the application, the amplifier can be configured to operate in AGC mode, maintaining a constant gain value.

The amplifier’s operational parameters are monitored and controlled by an embedded system controller that can be accessed from the touch screen LCD, Ethernet or RS 485 interfaces. The DMPA 120UX is a field replaceable system component that includes an integrated AC/DC power supply and is designed for indoor installation.

All of the amplifier’s components are enclosed in a standard 19” rack mount chassis, occupying only “2RU” of cabinet space. The amplifier is forced air cooled using four high performance fans, which are installed on the amplifier enclosure front panel.


Frequency Band
Frequency Range