UHF Loop Couplers

Product Features

    • 1-5/8” interface at the primary ports with fixed flanges
    • 1 kW maximum power handling at the primary ports
    • Operating temperature range of -15° C to +60° C
    • 50-ohm nominal impedance
    • Custom options include special coupling values
    • frequency ranges, alternate connector styles, coupling
    • configurations and plating methods

Product Description

UBS designs and manufactures a line of 1-5/8” EIA, fixed flange, directional couplers for accurate power measurements in rigid and coaxial air-line transmission systems. The loop coupler series includes models which cover an entire frequency range from 470 to 862 MHz (UHF-Band), as well as models which have been optimized for narrower bandwidths (i.e DTV channel). The couplers are ideally suited for DTV and wireless applications by virtue of their high power capability, low insertion loss, high directivity and excellent matching with the prime line. The loop couplers are available in a single probe (for power sampling in one direction) and dual probe (for sampling both incident and reflected power) configurations, with standard 30 dB, 40 dB and 50 dB coupling values.

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