UHF-Band Outdoor SSPA, Military Approved

 Product Features

  • Constant Output Power
  • Military Approved Design
  • SATCOM DAMA Application
  • Rugged Construction
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range

Product Description

Unique Broadband Systems Ltd. manufactures a complete line of UHF SATCOM DAMA SSPA Solid State UHF power amplifiers. The US 240/318/100LNF is designed to be used in conjunction with multi-band radios operating in the frequency range of 240 MHz to 270 MHz. The UHF SATCOM DAMA SSPA is rugged in its construction to permit operation at elevations from sea level up to 25,000 feet over a wide temperature range. A unique feature of this amplifier is its Solid-State switching circuit that serves several functions such as protective power reduction in the event of excessive operating conditions and response to transmitter keying and transmits blanking.

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