UHF Transmitter / Repeater 250 Watt

Product Features

  • 470 MHz – 860 MHz Broadband Transmitter/Repeater
  • LDMOS Power Amplifier provides 250 Watt output for  ATSC, ATSC-M/H, CMMB, DTMB, DVB-T/H, DVB-T2, DVB-SH, ISDB-T/TB, , DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB waveforms
  • SFN and MFN support
  • Adaptive Non-linear Pre-corrector
  • Manual Linear and Non-linear Digital Pre-correctors
  • Touch screen display for real time user interface
  • Remote control and self monitoring via Ethernet and RS485 interfaces
  • Built in web server accessible through Ethernet connector with Internet Explorer
  • Remotely manageable via SNMP
  • GbE Transport Stream Input based on Pro-MPEG Forum CoP #3 / SMPTE 2022
  • Occupying only 3 RU of standard 19” cabinet space

Optional Features

Integrated GPS or GPS/GLONASS Receiver
Integrated DVB-S/S2 Receiver
Adaptive Linear and Non-linear Digital Pre-correctors


Product Description

The DTX 2500U is a compact, solid-state transmitter, designed for digital terrestrial television broadcasting over a UHF frequency range of 470 MHz to 860 MHz. Using the latest technology, the DTX 2500U converts an input transport stream (MPEG-2, CMMB Multiplex or ISDB-T/TB Multiplex) to a COFDM or 8VSB modulated RF signal.

UBS has developed a Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) process that allowing the Universal Modulator board to provide the amplifier portion of the transmitter with an RF signal.  The modulator board RF output is amplified to a digital average output power level of 250 Watts by a highly efficient power amplifier, built using LD-MOS transistor technology.  The power level stability at the transmitter’s RF output is maintained by an internal automatic level control loop.

The PA employs its own microcontroller, which monitors the operation parameters of the PA, provides protection against abnormal operation conditions and communicates with the system controller.

The Adaptive Pre-corrector is a superior pre-distortion solution that compensates for RF Power Amplifier non-linearities including AM/AM and AM/PM distortion and protects against IMD and spectral regrowth while maximizing EVM performance.

Frequency Band
Frequency Range