Universal Modulator with 2 Watt Amplifier

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Product Features


  • Direct RF output from 470 to 860 MHz in 1 Hz steps
  • Power Amplifier provides 2 Watt output for broadcast of digital waveforms
  • SFN and MFN Support
  • Adaptive Non-linear Pre-corrector
  • Manual Linear and Non-linear Digital Pre-correctors
  • GbE Transport Stream Input based on Pro-MPEG Forum CoP #3 / SMPTE 2022
  • Interfaces for Web GUI, SNMP and Telnet remote control, machine to machine interface and software upgrades
  • Occupies only 1 RU of standard 19” cabinet space


New Features


  • DVB-T2
  • Supports all DVB-T2 modulation features including T2-MI interface
  • support, single and multiple Physical Layer Pipes (PLPs), MFN/SFN
  • operation and SISO/MISO transmission.


Optional Features


  • Internal GPS or GPS/GLONASS Receiver
  • Integrated DVB-S/S2 Receiver
  • Adaptive Linear and Non-linear Digital Pre-correctors
  • Optional RF Output: 40 MHz  to 1 GHz, DAB Band III


Standards Supported


  • ATSC and ATSC-M/H compliant with A/53, A/54, A/64, A/110 and A/153
  • ISDB-T/TB compliant with ARIB STD-B31, ARIB STD-B10, ABNT NBR 15601:2007, SBTVD N01 and SBTVD N03
  • DVB-T/H and DVB-T2 compliant with ETSI standards
  • DVB-SH(A) and DVB-SH(B) compliant with ETSI standards
  • DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB compliant with ETSI DAB standards and EU147
  • CMMB compliant with GY/T 220.1-2006 and 220.2-2006
  • DTMB compliant with GB20600-2006 and GY/T 229.1-2008


Description and Application



The UBS Universal Modulator Series utilizes the innovative UBS Universal Waveform engine, supporting all world digital standards for terrestrial broadcasting, including hybrid satellite/terrestrial systems.  The modular, state of the art design allows transmitter manufacturers and network operators to integrate the DVU 5000 into a system/network with relative ease.  This open architecture design enables carriers to take advantage of a proven, robust platform while designing networks to meet current and future broadcast standards. The Universal Modulator can be factory configured with the necessary hardware to support one, two or all the waveforms listed above.  The user can easily switch from one waveform to another through software selection. UBS’ modulators can also be upgraded in the field as standards evolve. Using the latest technology, UBS has developed a direct conversion process that allows the Universal Modulator to provide an RF output from 470 MHz to 860 MHz with a power level up to 2 Watt. Note: Other frequencies available. This series incorporates all of UBS high performance signal processing stages including integrated linear and non-linear pre-correctors. Full remote management and control as well as remote firmware and waveform upgrades are provided.

Signal Inputs

The DVU 5000 is provided with two serial DVB-ASI inputs and two serial G.703/G.704 inputs.  The DVB-ASI inputs accept a MPEG-2 TS, a CMMB multiplex stream or an ISDB-T/TB multiplexed TS.  The G.703/G.704 inputs are used in DAB mode and accept either NA or NI signals. Optionally, two serial SMPTE-310M inputs can be installed. The DVU 5000 also support a GbE Transport Stream input based on ProMEG CoP #3 / SMPTE 2022 protocol (DAB and DVB-T2 excluded). The DVB-ASI, G.703/G.704 and SMPTE-310M inputs can be automatically selected, or assigned by the user.  The automatic switching provides near seamless switching to a secondary transport stream in case the primary transport stream source fails (a truly valuable feature for broadcast applications.)

RF Output
The standard RF output covers a frequency range of 470 to 860 MHz, in 1 Hz steps with an adjustable output power level from 23 to 33 dBm, in 0.1 dB steps.  The user can set the spectrum polarity to Inverted or Noninverted as required. Optionally, the modulator can be configured with a 40 MHz to 1 GHz output or a DAB Band III output.

Adaptive Non-linear Pre-corrector

The Adaptive Non-linear Pre-corrector is a superior pre-distortion solution that compensates for RF Power Amplifier non-linearities including AM/AM and AM/PM distortion and protects against IMD and spectral regrowth while maximizing EVM performance. The complex signal processing is done in the RF domain and supports a fully adaptive operation:  the feedback signal (HPA output) is compared to the modulator’s RF output signal (HPA input) in order to optimize the correction which will improve the shoulders of the RF output. The Adaptive Non-Linear Pre-Corrector is not recommended for satellite uplink applications as it can only correct for the signal distortion from the ground-based transmitter and not the full signal path distortion. The Manual Pre-Corrector can be configured for the full system path. Note: The Adaptive Non-linear Pre-corrector only supports a frequency range of 470 MHz to 860 MHz.

Manual Linear and Non-linear Digital Pre-correctors

The manual linear and non-linear digital pre-correctors are used to maximize the performance of the transmitter in which the modulator is installed. The Non-linear pre-corrector balances out gain and phase non-linearity in the transmitter RF power amplifier, thereby significantly reducing the in-band and out of band intermodulation products. Optimizing the transmitter’s performance will extend the coverage area.  The performance requirement of the transmitter output filter, which is used to suppress radiation in adjacent channels below a maximum allowed level, will also be eased. The Linear pre-corrector balances out level and group delay variations that are seen across the channel bandwidth and caused by the transmitter mask filter and/or channel combiner filters.  The linear optimization of the transmitter’s radiated signal allows the receiver’s channel equalizer to focus all of its correction capacity on level and group delay errors originating from the actual transmission path.

* For more please refer top the manual/specifications


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