Universal Network Adapter UNA7000

Product Features

  • Multi-Standard (DVB-T or DTMB) SFN Adapter option
  • CMMB Multiplexer option
  • DTx Adapter option
  • ATSC-M/H Multiplexer option
  • DVB-ASI to IP Bridge option
  • Front Panel, Web GUI, CLI, Telnet and SNMP interfaces provided for local or remote control and software upgrades

Description and Application

Based on Advanced UBS Technology, the new Universal Network Adapter can be configured as a Multi-Standard SFN Adapter, CMMB Multiplexer, DTx Adapter, ATSC-M/H Multiplexer or DVB-ASI to IP Bridge. The new Advanced design allows UBS to manufacture the Universal Network Adapter in less time and with even greater reliability and  serviceability. None of the features known to the individual products will be sacrificed. This open architecture design enables users to take advantage of a state of the art design, while planning networks to meet current and future broadcast needs.

Web Interface

This feature allows local and/or remote control of the UNA 7000 via an Ethernet interface and is based on an internal Web server. The Web pages stored on the Web server are designed as a complete graphical user interface (GUI) for monitoring the status and modifying  the UNA 7000 parameters.  The Web pages are customized for each individual product option. The Web Interface concept is popular as remote control only requires a standard computer with a network interface card (NIC) and a Web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.).

SNMP Client

This feature allows remote control of the UNA 7000 in accordance with SNMP protocol (Get, Set and SNMP traps).  This remote control feature is intended for systems solutions where it is desired to integrate the control of a range of SNMP compliant equipment in a common management system.