Waveguide Bandpass Filters

Waveguide Bandpass Filter


UBS offers a complete line of waveguide filter designs including bandpass, bandstop and duplexed models. Available waveguide sizes range from WR28 to WR650 covering the frequency spectrum from 1.14 GHz to 40 GHz with bandwidths up to 12%. Our bandpass designs exhibit excellent out-of-band rejection while maintaining a very low pass-band insertion loss making them ideally suited for critical receiver front-end or transmitter applications. Increased selectivity is simply accomplished by the addition of more resonator sections to the design. Our designs can incorporate 2 to 17 resonator sections to satisfy the most stringent requirements. Available construction material includes bronze, aluminium or invar and may be folded to comply to a specified mechanical configuration. Please consult our sales department for further details.

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