X-Band 600W Outdoor SSPA System


Product Features

  • Solid-state design using GaN devices
  • Provides 600 Watts of saturated power
  • Highly linear
  • Isolated output provides excellent VSWR protection
  • Built-in self-protection circuits
  • Forced air-cooled with integrated blowers
  • Local/remote monitoring and control via Ethernet and RS485 interfaces
  • Rugged, weatherproof outdoor package

Optional Features

  • L-Band input (BUC operation)
  • Redundancy ready (no external controller required)
  • Calibrated forward and reflected sample ports
  • Harmonic filter (external)
  • Indoor control cabinet with system controller, PDU and/or waveguide pressurization

Product Description

UBS’ X-band solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) is built using the latest GaN transistor technology. The highly linear design is the ideal replacement for TWTAs used in SATCOM applications. It offers 600 Watts of saturated power across a 7.9 to 8.4 GHz frequency band. The rugged, weatherproof outdoor design is a field-replaceable system component, built to offer maximum reliability and long service life.

The SSPA features monitoring and self-protection circuits including input overdrive, forward power, over-temperature, operating current and operating voltage. Additionally, every GaN transistor if fully protected against potentially harmful reflected power caused by antenna mismatches. The SSPA is force air cooled using integrated blowers and includes an AC/DC power supply system.

The system controller provides a user-friendly interface for monitoring and control of the SSPA. RS485 and Ethernet interfaces provide the user with local/remote monitoring and control via PC GUI, Web GUI and SNMP. The optional, indoor control cabinet, with system controller, dehydrator and/or PDU, provides a convenient means to power and control the SSPA system. The indoor system controller communicates with the SSPA system controller to provide a front panel display for local monitoring and control.

DPASYX0600OXA- X-Band 600W Outdoor

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