X-Band Dual Block Frequency Upconverter

Product Features


  • 2 hot-swappable, redundant, L-Band to X-Band upconverter modules
  • Redundant AC/DC power supplies
  • Single 1RU chassis
  • Local monitoring and control via front panel LCD and cursor/execute keys
  • Local/remote monitoring and control via Ethernet and RS485 interfaces


Product Description


UBS’ dual block upconverter converts an L-Band (950 MHz to 1450 MHz) IF input signal to a X-Band (7900 MHz to 8400 MHz) RF output signal with high linearity and stability. The lightweight, 1RU design is ideal for satellite contribution, distribution and direct-to-home (DTH) applications where a compact redundant system is required.


The 1RU design features two (2) hot-swappable upconverter modules in a 1:1 redundant configuration. The chassis design allows the upconverter modules to be replaced without interrupting chassis power. The BUC also features redundant AC/DC power supplies and an auto-sensing switch which allows the BUC to operate using an internal or an external 10 MHz reference signal.

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