Maintain your present investment, Modify you system

All you need is…..

Universal ATSC Modulator/Exciter


OEM Digital Filter

• UBS-LARCAN/AXCERA technical site visit to verify current system performance and to assist in planning your re-channel.

• A single visit to remove/replace you existing modulator/exciter with an ATSC 3.0 ready UBS DVU 5000 modulator. Possible re-channel of existing filter, or selection of new OEM filer – all OEM filters are compatible with UBS’ ATSC modulator and your system.

• Proof of performance testing, of all LARCAN/AXCERA transmitter systems.

• Minimize your repack efforts and expenses by utilizing our re-channel plan, with a potential 100% re-imbursement from the FCC, which UBS-LARCAN/AXCERA will guide you through.

• Please call (1-877-669-8533 ext. 224) or email ([email protected]) our sales department with any questions or concerns you may have.